Car is being slow as hell!!!! How to gut cats!!!


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Aug 14, 2006
Burlington, NJ
Think its that cat that was making noise.... i know they would slow up a car but damn.... im getting a little bit of backfire noise and other things.... car will barely burn out... LOL good thing the flow master exhaust will be here wensday... but does anyone have tips on gutting my cats on my catted H to hold me over till i get a off road H.... sucks that i spent money on a used catted h like 2 months ago... the guy probally got rid of it because they were clogging up... lol
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If its the factory H pipe your gonna have to completly unbolt it. The way the bends are its hard to jus go through on the back side. Luckily though you have replaced it recently so those bolts arent gonna be that big of a pain. Jus find some rod or crow bar and jab away at it. Their is a stainless steel mesh that goes around the outside of the ceramic material so make sure you get it out too. Make sure you get everything out the first time. Cuz a piece stuck in there makes a noise like you wouldnt believe.
I would still pull it off. I used a crowbar to brak it all up and get the crap out then used a piece of 1/8" solid rod from lowes that I bent a hook into the end to fish out the SS wire and crap.

it isn't that hard but takes a little while and makes a mess.
Any chance you can find a cheap used o/r X or H pipe on ebay? :D
Or do you need to have the cat bodies there for visual inspections?
A gutted cat body will usually produce kind of a tin can sound at certain rpm's. Well, at least the ones I have heard for myself. The cheapest alternative would be to completely cut-out the cats and weld-in some straight pipe in their place.
actually i need cats to pass smog.... but i kept my stock h for that ill put it on for inspection.... but this is just because i need to drive my car to and from class.... and my exhaust will be here tomorrow so ill have my H out.... so i might as well gut it.... till i can find a used OR H or X