car just dies?

had to swap everything from my hatchback to my notch, well now that i finished the car the only thing different i did was install a eletric fan, cobra intake, bigger throttle body, and bigger maf. but what i dont understand is it idled fine and i let it warm up, took it for a little spin for about a min went back to park in the shop and the car just died on me. :shrug:

the car is a 86 with a explorer motor, also fuel pump primed like normal and i dont think its like a fuel cut off because the car starts right back up after.

my other question is, if you have a bigger maf, but its calibrated for 24lb injectors but your running 19lb what would happen? im pretty sure the maf i found is for my injectors im just not sure what would happen if it was calibrated for bigger. thanks for any help and advice.
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