Car wont idle-injector help please


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Jun 29, 2004
I just installed a BBK intake, headers, 70mm T/B, 24lb injectors, and matching MAF, now my car wont idle. Could the injectors be too big and causing it to die at idle? I find this hard to believe. Does anyone else have the BBK intake? I think it is the worst intake ever to install. The EGR is mounted under the intake almost impossible to connect it and the PCV valve is just as bad. The fuel lines dont line up worth a crap and the wiring harness has to be relocated. I would never recommend this intake to anyone. This was not my first intake install, I have done dozens.

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now is it just at idle or does the car run good when you take it down the road?? Do you have brakes?? The reason i say this is 1 time i put crappy gaskets on the lower intake manifold to the heads and they were leaking. Car wouldnt idle good at all or run good and i lost my brakes after i took it down the road. So check that. make sure your idle screw its tighted in so it would idle a bit high until you loosen it to set the idle...


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Mar 10, 2000
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Sounds like a vacuum leak. Will the engine run if you hold the throttle above idle?

See the sticky "Help me create the Surging Idle Checklist" at the top of the forum for help with your idle problems. The first post in the sticky has almost all the details you need.