cars running like crap

the cars a 88 lx with a carbed 306 in it, problem is when i go to floor it the car bogs and will stall, its ok if you slowly let into it but if you just slam the peddle it stalls and the carb makes a pop sound, also when i turn the car off and look into the bowls on the carb there smoking a bit, car also feels really sluggish, ne ideas as to what it is?
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u are seeing the gas vaporize out of the carb.

Sounds like u are running rich. If u have a holley adjust the idle mixture screws. I have mine about 3/4 of a turn out . All cars are differant so u have to experiment.

The hesitation u are talking about sounds like the mixture screws (if a holley) are set lean. When u go from idle to throttle u have a split sec or so where gas doesnt enter carb. So hard for me to explain.

Hope this helps.