Caster Camber plates


Nov 12, 2006
I took everyones advise and bought CC plates. I have my caster set all the way back as far as it will go 3 degrees. I noticed that the bump stop on top of the strut/shock is now under the original factory hole that it used to come up thru. At least half of it is anyways. The piston itself is not rubbing anything with the caster being set at 3 degrees. But is that o.k. that its back up underneath there. The drvers side sucked becuase the plate is the reverse of the ppassanger side. The 3mounting holes that hold the plates on is the opposite on the drivers. The 2 holes are towards the front and the single hole is towards the firewall and I had to pry and hold the shock there to get 3 degrees and lock it down where on the passanger it slid straight on back w/out a problem. The side of the plate with the 2 bolt holes is set back furtuer that the side with the single bolt hole. But I am just concerned with the shock itself being tucked half way back beyond the original factory cut out hole for it where the original bushing and bearing plate was.
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