Champion vs Engineered Cooling Products Radiators


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Apr 19, 2020
I am replacing the old brass radiator in my 1966 mustang fastback with a 2 row 1" tubing aluminum. Trying to decide between Champion Cooling Systems and Engineered Cooling Products. I plan on getting the full shroud and electric fan set up since I recently added A/C. Anyone had good or bad experience with either?

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Engineered Cooling Products Radiator:

Champion Cooling Systems:
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I put a Scott Drake aluminum radiator in my 64.5 6 cylinder coupe. Be very careful what lenth fan spacer you use. I used oem spacer. Ran good for about 100 miles then somthing moved, I don't know what. But the fan ripped up a $265 radiator. I'm back to my oem.