Changing from New Lic plates to the old black Lic


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May 4, 2005
San Jose CA
Ok well the story gose like this.
I bought the car with the new California Lic Plates, but the owner kept the old black ones,
I went to the DMV to ask If I could change back to the old lic plates they said Yes but I would have to have a old regstration card that showed proof that the car had these plates on it.
The problem is that I dont have anything valid that will prove it.
My qestion is that I want to know is there anything else I could do to get the old ones back on?
p.s They are custom lettering thats why I want them back on.

Thanks guys
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Try looking at this place:

I had new customized license plates and sent them to this place. They made it look exactly like the original plates (black with yellow lettering) They even stamped in the California. I have my original plates as well (DMV let me keep them) and the plates this company did for me are an exact match. Now I have a customized plate that looks original.