Check Engine Light Help


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May 7, 2014
Hello, I inherited my Dads '91 LX 2.3l after he died and have a few problems. Check engine light came on, tach would jump 200 to 300 rpm, gas mileage dropped almost in half. I put a scanner on it and replaced the TPS, EGR, and the egr pressure sensor. Car seems to be running better, the rpm's have settled down but still throwing a 332 code( egr not opening). Any ideas? I hate to just swap parts, gets expensive quick. Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry it took so long to respond, sometimes life gets in the way. I changed the vacuum lines, cleared the codes and light reappeared. Still shows a 332, as well as a 334 and a 223. Next step to replace the egr control valve solenoid? Any ideas on how to test the dpi? My local dealer won't work on something this ''old'' and have not found a shop with capabilities either.