Chi Town Fox Body

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only goof balls call it "chi" town, so I'm pretty sure there is no one willing to admit they are from there.

Plus with the taxes in cook county having the extra cash for a fox body is rough….. unless your a drug dealer or a pit boss
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Not really. I'm up by wis/ill border. Probably 3 hrs away from Gary. Near Rockford Illinois

Gotcha, I'm talkin' with the Gary South Shore Railcats, could even be a mid-season sign. Had a workout a couple weeks ago with them, but whenever all the roster spots pan out :shrug: If you, @94Blue302GT, @krazedstang, @Pit Bos, @aar0s and whoever else on here that's kinda close and wants to catch a baseball game. I'd put all your names on the list :nice: and it would be free, we could all take our mustangs for a cruise too :SN:
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