Clutch/brake Mounting Bracket Broken 01 Gt


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Sep 16, 2000
tampa, fl
My 01 GT 5speed has issues, if you look me up about a year ago I replaced complete clutch to flywheel. I installed a pretty hefty clutch, I say its pretty tuff to press, and I'm a big dude. Over the last few weeks its feels like in the morning its really hard to press clutch pedal, I moved the seat up to press the crap out of it. It did seem to get a little easier going to work. Coming home yesterday was hard as hell again, the threaded shaft that both pedals go thru snapped right at the far right end where the Quadrant it, shaft snapped rite off. Any one have Ford service manuak or know how to get Clutch and brake bracket assy out????
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It is a pretty easy and straight forward job. The only down side is if you are a larger guy, like me, anything under the dash is a pain in the ass. I would source out your replacement part from a junk yard. The last pedal set I bought from one down here was like $10 or $15.
1 year later, 3 back treatments and a new stock clutch and PP was the fix, not sure what went wrong with the RAM HDX clutch, don't care all is better. NOW won't run from sitting for a tyear???

]My car has been sitting for over year, have broken back and clutch was fubared. Finally swapped clutch and PP out works great, went back to a stock clutch.
Now charged battery for 2 days hit the key no start, squirt gas into CAI/throttle body and runs, will run untiil I turn off than won't restart. I swapped the throttle position sensor and the 3 wire plug, thought that was the problem wire were all exposed and rotten. Wehn the car does start with help(prime with gas) is runs but when I try to gas it falls on it's face.Fells like when you have CAI off, will idle will throttle up slowly, but if I punch it it stalls and than have to prime again.
Any ideas all of a sudden this is my son's only transportation.

I call this car Frankenstang, 01 Gt with a 02 Police Intercepter swap[/B][/COLOR]