clutch cable help


Apr 26, 2008
Enterprise AL
so i have replaced my clutch cable almost 3 times now, because it keeps binding up..and i am not super car smart but it seems like the cable is way to close to the headers and its melting the "rubber" like stuff around the cable..i have tried moving the cable away from the headers some but it still seems to melt and bind up...any help will be appreciated..
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If your cable is real close to the headers, your hypothesis might not be far off at all. You could wrap the cable's sheath or make a heatshield for it.

Also, are you using an OEM style cable or MM's cable? Parts store cables tend to suck, heat-related failure or not.

Good luck.
i am using one that i got from jegs..its the same one that comes with the clutch cable quadrant kit..everything works well except for the cable..any advice on how to protect from heat? i tried bending it more away from headers but i can only bend so far and still it melts..thanks
lol, shoulda used:

Maximum Motorsports cable for the win!!

i've snapped two "replacement" cables and have yet to break the MM one. when i installed it, it actually made my clutch engagement feel ALOT smoother. there was no ratchety movement from the pedal like the previous cable had ( Hays = junk )

top quality cable
im using a MM cable with a Cool Blue Performance triple hook aluminum quadrant and also a CBP firewall adjuster. its worked perfect for almost a year and still is but i cant get my freeplay exactly where i want it, and it may be fine the way it is anyway.

i would suggest spending a little extra and get the whole kit from Maximum Motorsports ( cable, fw adjuster and quadrant ). its $125.87 for everything.
Part #: MMCP-51

if u get the whole kit, you know for sure everything works together as it should.
hmmm. i dunno how to wrap it :shrug:

i do know the MM cable is the one of the longest you can buy just for that reason. u may be ok without having to worry about wrap
My MM cable works like a dream, it's the smoothest clutch action I've ever felt! I ordered MM's cable, firewall adjuster, and a heat shield 'kit', which was just a short sleeve of heat protective tubing that clamped over the cable. If I had to do it over, I'd have left the kit off the order and used something from my barn, but then again I'm getting cheaper by the day. :rlaugh:
I think this what has happened to my clutch cable. It seems to bind everytime I depress the clutch. It was very close, if not touching the headers. I have the UPR cable. Is heat the main reason for the cable binding?