Clutch Cable Problems


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Feb 23, 2006
I have snapped two clutch cables in half in the past six months. The first was the factory '86 cable and the later a Steeda adjustable.

The clutch assembly is a 10.5" FMS unit.

Has anyone ever experiened this problems before? Thankfully, they have broke in the driveway on both occasions.

FYI: I replaced the factory quadrant with a Steeda aluminum unit seven years ago.
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Welcome to the boards.

I agree with ECU about running through Jeremy's article. I will also add, as odd as it is, if your engine has a bad ground, the clutch cable can be recruited as a ground. And this greatly reduces its life.

I would try a new OEM cable and see how it does.

Good luck.
What a great article...

I have many problems which associate with the cable binding. Excessively hard clutch pedal, grabbing right off the floor, etc.
I just don't know what I did wrong. I have routed the cable the same as from the factory.

I'd have to agree with the OEM products. I threw the Steeda cable in the trash seven years ago and put the OEM cable back on. When it broke, I went to a an adjustable unit again. It didn't last long.

I am wondering if I could possibly have a clutch problem that is leading to all of the systoms above minus the improper routing of the cable. Note: The cable broke around four inches from the end which connects to the quadrant. It's been so long, but I only remember one connection on the Steeda quadrant.

If I have to change the clutch, does anyone know of the easiest clutch pedal effort on the market? I depress the clutch around 100+ times day during my daily commute to work. No Fun!

Thanks for the response.

I seem to have a jacked up appearance on my stang after installing the Lakewood Lift Bars. I have them setup in the middle spot, however was wanting to lower the bars to the lowest setting. How is your car setup, and do you have any problems with the driveshaft angle, etc?
as far as the clutch goes and if you go that route a king cobra is hard to beat in terms of price and driveability.

ive got my lakewoods set at the lowest setting. i dont have any problems that ive noticed. the car really lifts in the back when you launch it. my car actually sits a lot lower in the back than in the front with stock springs. i might try moving mine to the middle spot just to see what happens.
865.0 said:
Note: The cable broke around four inches from the end which connects to the quadrant.
If it broke there then I would check you alignment with the grommet in the firewall where the cable comes through and how it connects to the quadrant. If it isn't aligned (I just usually use washers on the quadrant to get the effective shimming needed) it will cause side loading on the cable strands and snap it there.