Clutch Quadrant Question

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The speed release has a steeper ramp, giving you less feather time (bad in the snow) and quick engagement (good on the track). It only provides one pickup point, which sets the pedal height (the point off the floor that the clutch engages) very low (close to the floor). This is great in a track car, but in a daily driver it can make stop and go driving a bit tedious, and doesn't let you play with the clutch as much which is great in wetter driving conditions, etc. The triple pickup quadrant gives you the option of setting your pedal height where you want it, including the spot the speed release picks up- it just won't engage quite as fast because of the ramp arc- which is better on a street car.
My clutch pedal engauges too high for me (just before level w/brake pedal)
I think i would like it to engage about 1-1/2-2" off the floor.
Will this help me?
Where can I buy one?

I too have the quick release...mine is from steeda. I also have the firewall adjuster and adjustable cable, infinite adjustment. It does grab quicker than others..

I have a Steeda double hook and a FRPP single hook quadrants if your interested in either of them..