Clutch Throw


New Member
Jan 9, 2006
Sea-Tac, WA
Is there a difference in clutch throw between the 06 GT and the 05 GT? I need to know both in depth of throw and in the required amount of pressure.

The reason I need this is that I have bone on bone contact in my left hip from a pretty vicious car accident I was in a couple years back between a 97Neon and an 04 Explorer. Since I was a passenger in the Neon and the Explorer was doing 50mph, I was kinda screwed on the deal. I run a 98 GT and if I get stuck in traffic on I-5 for 40min of clutch in, clutch out, it kills me.

Any inputs would be greatly appreciated,
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Both the V6 and V8 05/06 have hydraulic clutch release systems. No dif between 05 & 06 and not much between the V6&V8 either.Either would be easier on your hip than your 98( a cable release)
Like previously mentioned, the pedal is so light on the hydraulic clutch compared to the cable that traffic wouldnt be a concern anymore. I think seat design will have alot to do with your discomfort too.
Damn I hope so. I don't really want to go back to imports just because I have a couple of titainium pins that hold my hip together. I've been test driving all kinds of stuff trying to find something that won't require me to ice anything when I get stuck in a long back up on I-5. IMHO I-5 is the worlds largest parking lot running from Canada to Mexico.

However that is the last time I will ever ride in a Dodge/Plymouth Neon.