Cobra Intake?


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Mar 31, 2005
I have a cobra clone with a 5.0 gt engine. The car has 4.10 gears, o/r h pipe, flowmaster 2.5in exhaust, ford motorsport shorty headers, bbk cold air intake, and an aluminum driveshaft. The car is a five speed. I found a used cobra intake for a 94-95 for sale that a guy is selling because he bought a trickflow intake. Would this be a good next mod for me? If so would there be anyway to see if this is a reproduction or not? And does it matter if its a reproduction or do they both perform the same?



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if the intake is specificaly for a 94-95 and has the elbow built into it, then it is authentic, to my knowledge no reproductions have been made that didnt require the inlet adaptor for our car
Don't think anyone but Ford made a Cobra intake. An intake from a real 5.0 Cobra will have a plate on the upper intake that says "5.0 COBRA". Now if it is one bought from FRPP directly then the plate on the upper intake says "SVO Motorsports" but is identical in build to the Cobra intakes that came on them stock Cobra Mustangs.
The original Cobra intakes that came on the 94-95 Cobras have the words "5.0 Liter Cobra" and a snake on the intake. When you say repoduction, I am thinking you mean ones Ford still made, except they say "Ford Motorsport" on them and were available for purchase at any motorsport dealer. If you want the official Cobra intake for your Cobra clone, you need to get the one that I described first with the snake. Other than the name plate, there were not other differences.
welcome to SN! Nice car BTW, i remember a car a while back that someone posted, that looked identical to yours. Seems like even the same setting, and if i remember right it was a clone lol. But i'd get the intake, it'll make a different, and be a good start for other supporting mods.
I would pick up the intake. Any idle-5500 intake will work great with a stock bottom end, and is a must have item for future mods, such as heads, cam, TB, ect.

If you choose to go with the cobra as i did, you could also pick up a fox cobra intake, or any fox intake, and get an elbow adaptor.

But if you are going for the clone thing 100%, you obviously are gonna need to go with the 94-95 specific intake (elbow built in).
You ask if the Cobra intake would be a good next mod for you.

I'm gonna be the one to tell depends.

If you wanna stay with the Cobra theme then yes it will fit right in with the other Cobra stuff.


If you wanna go for 300 or more horses to the wheels then I'd go for a TFS or Edel intake.