Cobra Rear BUmepr on 88gt


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May 28, 2005
is there any specifics when ordering a cobra rear bumper for an 88GT? cause i know there was some fender differences in the later years. and the cobra came out in 93? I would hate to cut up a brand new piece, that i might mess up and have to junk!

ps.what is the cheapest/best place to order one from.
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It was $180 for the bumper and I paid $125 for shipping from NJ to AZ. Also if you get more than one item you still only pay one shipping charge. I got the bumper and my hood shipped here for $125. I'm not sure if shipping might be cheaper to you since you only live in Ohio.
Yeah their site is

It's a pretty generic site and you actually have to call them to order, or if you want print out sheets, fill them out and send them to Design Concepts. So I just called and ordered it and it took about 8 business days to get the hood and bumper.
I have the Cervini's Cobra rear bumper, and I had to hack the crap out of it to get it to fit. I'm pretty sure my '88 GT had been in an accident before, which is why so much modification was needed. In the end the fit and look were both good.

Since I bought mine (2002?), Cervini's switched materials to something much flimsier. I have not heard any complaints, but it's an observation.