Cobra seats front and back for 375$...should I buy them?

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let me put it this way ... i paid a guy a grand to recover my seats and that was for vinyl.

if those seats were available, i'd have paid twice that for them in a heartbeat and they would be in my car right now

if i were you, i would take them and turn around and put them up for $750
just an FYI, one of the big part's houses has their seats on sale (usually ~150, on sale for 135) right now...may be good to know if you're looking for seats...

I just ordered them, they'll be here this afternoon....

good luck on the ones you're looking at...
good deal! but, do you know how much weight you could save by going with a rear seat delete kit and kirkley aluminum racing seats. i dropped 175 lbs and mine were vinyl gt seats. besides, the rear seats never get used anyway. for that price it's a good deal.
well turns out i got boned hard...the guy went away for the weekend so i said i'd get them during the week if it wasnt snowing and he said fine, he'd hold them for me and he wasnt going to sell them out from under me, but sure enough....he sold them...oh well