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Apr 18, 2005
Mooresville NC
Ok heres the situation... during the winter my car ran pretty cold.. meaning that it never went past the line before "N" in NORMAL. Now that its getting warmer in North Carolina i have noticed that the temperature guage is still sitting at the same mark. The only time that it goes higher is when the car idles. the fan turns on at about the middle of the guage which i believe is normal for the car to do.
So after reading all of this do you guys know if it is normal for the car to run so cold, meaning never past the line next to the "N" in NORMAL??
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Cardboard huh.. lol. have you noticed that the car runs better if it is warmer?! i noticed it a lot. if i let the car sit and warm up under idle, then i go to drive it it runs so much smoother and performs better. but after driving it around a little bit the temp guage goes back down and it runs worse.
The factory gage is little better than a dummy light.

Mine has the fan rigged to run all the time and it never gets past the N in NORMAL. However, I shot the passenger radiator inlet with an infrared thermostat and it said 180*.

From everything I've seen on here, the SVO owners club, and Turboford, it looks like the factory fan comes on at 220* which is way too high.