Computer have to relearn after battery cable off?

Everytime I unplug the battrey cable for a while I get idle issues. Does the computer forget and have to relearn the engine? I have looked at the idle surge list. Really alot of came about when I replaced my sticking IAC did I just get a crap one (NON FORD Replacement)? Or is the power supply to the computer bad!?!?! I just put a MSD 6A 2 hrs ago but this problem isnt new. I also just got a code 12 on KOER.

I seen where 12 is a idle to low, and I seen what to do on here to adjust the idle. And when I disconnect my IAC my engine dies right away. So am I to asume I need to adjust that asap?
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Yes, the computer will have to relearn how to idle after disconnecting the battery. The procedure is something like warming the engine to operating temp then letting it idle for a couple minutes with all accessories off then idle for a couple minutes with all accessories on. Or you could just drive it around until it relearns. Code 12 is "RPM unable to reach upper test limit" so maybe something is wrong with your IAC or the connection.
So from the Code 12 its the IAC not acting right, It sure dosnt want to idle cold. I guess im going to have to order a Ford replacement part becuase I didnt have the idle issues with the old that would stick at a high rpm. This one is a aftermarket one tired up upside down it wanted nothing to do with that.

So I have read that your engine should run with the IAC unplugged is that correct? Mine dies the second you unplug it so that mean the idle needs to be adjusted?