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Feb 5, 2010
Ok so i have a small concern, I bought the stang i have now from this 50's something guy who said it had a 302 in it. Ok the car started out as a 4 banger and had an engine swap. i went yesterday to get now plugs and wires for it and got plugs for a 87 5.0 302, got back home and their to big go back so i took one back with me, the plugs i ended up getting were for a 289, ok theres half the problem a 289's firing order is 15426378, set the plugs and wires back up to that it didnt work, so i went and got on my alldata and got the firing order for a 302/351 which is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. but got to looking even closer the the intake manifold has ford 289 stamped in to it. what the heck do i have ?
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look at the block casting # near the starter to determine the decade, It will look something like this... D2AE-6015-AA, which translates this way.
All blocks are 6015
D would be the decade, B=50s, C=60s, D=70s, E=80s, F= 90s.
2 would be the year of that decade.
A would indicate the passenger car line, A being Fairlanes, but used in other bodies, etc.
E = engine

you can narrow it down from there once you have those numbers.
A 302 up through 81 will have the older 289 - 302 firing order. It did not change until the GT in 1982.

I have an orig 79 5.0 with the older firing order. My 82 has it also.

What determines the firing order is the cam, so you match the firing order to that of the cam. You can put either cam and firing order in any sbf block. Sparkplug sizes may also vary.

Intake manifolds also interchange from 260-289-302 engines, as well as heads and other stuff.

For example, I have a 68 block with a 78 crank and rods, 94 truck heads, 79 front dress, pan and flexplate, in an 82 body.

You most likely do have a flat tappet cam older style 302.