Considering A 1970 Boss Tribute ...

I am not one to keep things original ... and this car View attachment 121142 is not.

It appears to be a very nice black on black boss clone with a 347 stroker? It looks to be in fantastic shape. new paint -- not perfect but pretty nice. The undercarrage is coated and all seems to be good.

My cars View attachment 121143 ('68 totaled and '13 CS) are daily drivers. This looks to be a pretty good one. I get nervous on a couple of things ... it is the winter (my brain says NEVER buy a car in the Minnesota winter) and everything that could be wrong with the car is hidden.

I need some advice ... how do I decide if I should get this car. I do really like it View attachment 121144 They want $22,000 and that seems too high. I thing $18,000 sounds about right. You can't get a good starter 1970 for less that $12,000 really. They have reciepts of $29,000.

Can you guys give me any and all thoughts, advice and fears?

I am very drawn to this car, but also fearful because my 1968 I purchased the day after 9-11 was only $3,000 and I knew what I has when I started.

I really like this car, but have some concerns.

ANY thoughts would be appreciated.


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The car has some "bubbles" in the back truck top area. Could be water spots. It needs the back seat area done with clips, etc (they were going to change it to a fold down..) Motor sounds good, but can't drive it -- winter. They save $29,000 in reciepts and $9,000 in 347 stroker motor, new radiator, electonic ignition etc (the $9,000 not verified) but can be seen in a folder. window moldings need some tweking. It is missing the window strip on both sides that seal out wind / rain. missing heater and radio. Not too concerned can add later. cowl looks to be a little "bent". The seat is was too over stuffed and too high off the car. Minor fix I think.

A few minor things.

More thoughts PLEASE ...
i would check the trunk lid a little better they do rot from the inside out but it may be water blisters in the paint from painting without a good moisture trap.
the cowl vents usually have a slight bubble or a slight dip on the outer edge of the louvers .ford put a piece of foam rubber under this spot to keep it from sagging.
weather stripping is not a big deal it is easy to put in. how is the suspension? that shaker and hood is a plus.
My nagging concern is this ... I was a really NICE start to restoration. But many little things are not done. That in itself happens ... run out of money.

BUT -- the guy that owns it said he traded his Chevelle for it and then drove it for the summer in his small town for about 100 miles but is now willing to get rid of it for the right price. To be fair it is at a RETRO shop to finish but the guy said he would sell it for the right price. Biut now he wants the money and wants to fix up a number matching 70 mach 1 with a 429. That is 25Gs in ok starting condition.

Does any of that cause a red flag or just maybe something to think about and check it out as far as we can?

I do love the car ... It speaks to me.
have you heard it run ? check oil see if it looks clean .listen for any kind of bad noises . check oil pressure . it is always best to test drive but i have bought cars with out driving them. it seems to be A good deal ,i cant think what i have in my 69 but i would say around $18000. and i have along ways to go i have over
$ 10000 in the motor alone