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Dec 1, 2008
I just picked these TRZ rear lower control arms . He said it should fit 79-04. well I didnt realize they dont have the brackets on the bottom for the sway bar. Has anyone ever heard of this brand, or seen this style? any info will help. thank you


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The steeda ones I took off and the Maxium Motorsports ones I put on both have the brackets on the bottom. Thats where they mount so I have no idea how those will work unless you weld a bracket onto them.
^ Yeah, it looks like those ones have no provision for the sway bar.

Perhaps those ones were manufactured as a "sway bar delete" model control carm ? Similar to the ones that MM make (you can choose different "options" when purchasing MM control arms IIRC).

Try calling TRZ to ask if those specific LCAs might be a "sway bar delete" model control arm??

Think this is their website? TRZ Motorsports
Actually those TRZ arms are very good arms, they are for drag racing application, And the reason why those arms do not have the sway bar brackets is you have to use it with anti roll bar instead of stock style sway bar.

It will be a nice drag set up if you use those arms with nice anti roll bar.

Yes, those type of arms will "Hurt" the stock torque boxes, when you are installing a control arms it's good idea to get torque box reinforcements anyways.

If you must have the rear sway bar, you can weld the brackets to that control arms, most companies have those available if you contact them directly and they are cheap.

Good luck :nice: