Engine Coolant leak after replacing water pump

The hex head bolts that are used to secure the backing plate to the pump have low profile heads,stock height hex head bolts will not let the pump seat properly.This is why I mentioned the height of the heads on the socket head cap screws,the heads would end up being too tall unless button heads were used.

I believe it was FlowKooler that for a time supplied regular hex heads with their pumps and had a lot of pissed off customers with leaky pumps after install.
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I kept getting a leak between the backing plate and pump every time I changed the pump due to the backing plate bolts not giving me enough seal pressure. What I did was use two washers for those bolts to give me greater seal pressure because it gave the bolt heads more contact. I just had to make sure the washers weren't hitting the timing cover mating surface. Worked every time.
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Do not torque the water pump bolts to 30lbs. That's twice factory torque. Dealer spec is 15lbs. or about half a ugga dugga.
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