Cost for Hot Rods + tune

Ok, I'm tired of waiting for someone to track down the tools I need for the cam swap. Someone has them but I'm getting the cold shoulder and I'm not going to buy tools I'll never use again. So I want to know what people have paid for the cam install and the dyno tune combined to get an idea of what a fair price would be. I got the Hot Rods sitting in my garage now and want them in the car. It's been 3+ weeks since I got them and it's time to just get them in. Thanks guys!
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Mine are the stage II comp cams and it was 4.5 hours for install. I was paying 100 an hour for labor in my area (not sure what it is in yours). As for a tune I bought the cams from Brenspeed so I just ran one of their e-mail tunes, and have not had a problem. I probably haven't got all of the power out of them without a dyno tune but I am waiting for more mods before I do that, and the car is running fine so I am not in a hurry to spend a bunch more money to put the car on the dyno. Hope this helps.
I actually just installed the Hot Rods on my 05 yesterday(see my post). The only special tool I needed was the timing chain wedge, which I bought from for $110. I didn't bother with the spring compressor as I had done a lot of research and you really don't need it. I am by no means a mechanic(the hardest I had ever done was a top end rebuild on a 2-stroke MX bike before this) and it took me and a friend about 6 hours from start to finish. I printed the Ford Service manual and some other "how-to" I found online and it was rather easy, just time consuming. I used a custom tune from Brenspeed and it runs strong especially on the top end. I have no use for the wedge now, so if you are interested, PM me.