Could my K Member be bent?


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Oct 4, 2020
The drivetrain has been out of my car so I have been jacking it up by the K Member.... One side is higher when I do this, by about 1 click of the jack stand?
I have the K member removed at this time and I have my jack stands on the " frame" that is under the doors, towards the front and it sits perfectly level??
I have been sanding and wire wheeling the K member and the welds look like they have all been done by hand, not robot? I assume in 83 that is how they were assembled?
Any thoughts here? Thanks
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Feb 18, 2001
Yes, it is possible to bend them. I found mine was bent, which is why i went to the MM K-member.

However, i'm not sure if i would read into your findings too much. Is the jack perfectly centered? Is the weight of the vehicle evenly distributed? Is the resistance of all the bushings in the rear axle the same? Same spring rate? same spring positions? So many variables that i don't think you can reach a conclusion by eyeball.

I verified mine by measurement when i went to bolt on a lower K-member brace. The mounting holes were 1/2" off and it didn't fit. Later discovered the driver's side was bend at the rear probably due to a curb strike at some point
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