Curious If Anyone Has Used These


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Aug 27, 2012
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Never seen these before today. Saw them on one of the Spike TV shows. Only issue I see is if you need to replace the hose you have to cut them off and then what? Other than that, they seem like a cheap way to clean up the engine and get rid of those ugly hose clamps.Essentially they are super heat shrink wraps that slip over the hose, then shrink down with a heat gun and won't leak or come off.


Think I may give them a try on my radiator hoses.
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Jan 4, 1985
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So by applying heat, these things are supposed to clamp down hard enough to force a rubber hose to seal?

That's like 3 times pressure needed of a tourniquet?

I would have to see one to believe.

All the shrink wrap/tube that I own stops shrinking when it comes in contact with something cooler in temp than it is.

I've not seen these things before but I'd be interested in seeing how/if it works.


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Mar 10, 2000
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The $10 each for a one time use product seems to be high. The cost of manufacturing is probably less than a comparable stainless steel band clamp that most of us use. If they get the price down to less than 20 cents each, then you'll see them as a standard use product on new production cars.

If they work, watch Harbor Freight ( )for heat shrink guns. Every now and then they have them on sale for $10.

The appearance problem with band clamps can be simply solved by test fitting the band clamp and tightening it down properly. Then take a Sharpie marker and mark the excess band beyond the clamp screw head. Remove the clamp, cut off the excess with a pair of dikes. Then file the sharp edges off the edges of the band where it was cut. If it is possible to install the camp where the screw mechanism is turned away for direct view, do that.
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Apr 26, 2010
Yeah, $10 is a little high. That's $40 for just the two radiator hoses, and they are a one time use. Maybe for a show car.