custom subframe idea.... feasible?

my front frame rails are dented up pretty badly... so they're going to have to come off anyways for repairs (the flimsy 3-sided stamped ones) my question is though... what about replacing the flimsy 3 sided stamped ones with a piece of 2"x2" square tube that would run from the inside of the real front frame rails (the ones that the front suspension mounts to and is extremely solid) then tunneled through the rear floorpan to fit over the rear subframe rails.. I guess I'm mainly concerned about removing the stock rails permanently but will it matter since I'd be putting in a stronger piece?

and it also seems like this would be disirable vs fixing my rails and installing aftermarket connectors since the aftermarket connectors weld up to the flimsy 3 sided deals
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sounds feasable I opted to straightening back out the dents in mine when i redid the floor plans and built custom subframes also

all i can say those frame rails arent that flimsy they are very hard to beat back straight with a 10lb sledge hammer