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Black Stampede

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Sep 3, 2002
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey guys, I need some help with my daily driver. It is a 1993 dodge dakota and its a starting issue. When you go to start it is usually clicks so you turn the key to on repeatedly over and over and eventually it starts. Sometimes it does it after 2 times sometimes 10 or even occasionally not at all. It has been doing this for about 3-4 months now probably and I figure I ought to fix it before it just doesn't start one day. Something with the solenoid? Any help would be appreciated. :nice:
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You have a V8 or some smaller engine? I have a 99 Dakota with a 318 and have a whole list of crap that I know to be problematic.

Is it the starter clicking or is it in the column? Does your key energize all of the appropriate things when you turn it on or is it completely dead and requires fiddling to get it to do anything?

The Dodge Forums have generation specific Dakota boards. There is a ton of useful stuff there.

Dodge Dakota - DodgeForum.com
Sounds like your starter is junk to me. Similar thing happened with ex-girlfriend's 95 Jeep Cherokee. The whole ignition runs through the starter if I recall. Crap design. Took about an hour to replace with a new starter.

I "think" your 93 V6 has a starter relay, driver's side fender, should be the one closest to the firewall. I think.

Have someone dink around with the ignition switch while you listen under the hood (or listen with your head out the window - you get the idea). See if it clicks. It is like a $10 part and takes about a minute to replace, so it is probably worth the try.