damaged rim


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May 17, 2005
I recently purchased a used 05 Gt that has some rim damage on one of the wheels. Looks like my rims are the ones that look like this:


but my rims are the grey painted/coated ones. It is unclear on the ford site if these rims are what are on my car. I do have the order code the dealership entered when the previous owner ordered the car. Any of you know where I can find a replacement rim, or if it is possible to get a 3inch gash fixed on the lip of a rim? Any help is appreciated.
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Check ebay. I have seen alot of new takeoff wheels and tires on ebay. Also, I dont know if it will work but you could try steeda or saleen. They replace the stock rims on all thier cars. Who knows what they do with the originals.
a wheel repair will run about $120 to $150 and will be good as new try a discount tire to send to wheels america for you also try calling saleen and ask for the number for diversified marketing