Dang it...broken header stud, help


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Jan 22, 2002
Lancaster, PA
Yes I did a search. Im putting the stock h back on for emmisions and it seems the trans shop that rebuilt my trans last never installed the pas. side h-pipe correct. They didnt really tighten it down so there was an exhaust leak that I thought was from the headers was actually from the h not being tightened down. Well, since the leak, the lower nut froze on the nut :mad: So I have about 1" or less of stud stiking out fromt he header flange. BUT the only way to get to it is directly on with a vise grip wrench thingie. SO I have to turn it like a screwdriver and that aint working out to swell....I am going to try to toruche the flange to try it agian, but does anyone have any suggestions without drilling it out. If I cant get it out im going to have to wait till tonight to get someone to help me out.
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When you turn it like a screwdriver with the vice grips, what exactly isn't working out? Is it just sliding over the bolt, not turning it, or what?

<radical suggestion>

Find a way to cut a small notch in the part you still have. Make it deep enough that you can get the tip of a screwdriver in there perpendicular to the bolt. Try pulling the screwdriver to give you leverage (you'll need a strong screwdriver). If it won't budge, try sliding a breaker bar of the screwdriver. This should loosen it enough where you can twist it out with your fingers or get the vice grips to hold.

If that doesn't work, I suggest what Chilton's suggests: Heli-Coil (even though you said you weren't too keen on doing that).

Any other ideas?
yeah I have a feeling its all about the drill...I have a tee time for golf in about 2 hours hehe sonot sure how much more in depth im going to get, but Ill wait till my pops gets home tonight and he will help me out, he always knows how to fix **** lol
Rick 91GT said:
Pull the header, drill it out and install a new stud or a through bolt, I'd do both of them.

yup....I just got to thinking and realized that ever since I installed those headers I have had a small leak at the back of the headers, last bolt, so Im going to pull the header, put new gaskets in and be done