Dash Pad And Heater On 1970 Boss Trib.?

I am going to replace the dash on my 1970 Boss Trib. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best quality Pad? Also, I thought about just doing the heater core part, but maybe, since I am under there ... do the stereo, speakers and ac at the same time?

It was an AC car ...

Any thoughts on:

Pad quality?

Just doing heater part and waiting to buy AC later?


Front speak should be now for sure though, right?


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If you are going to do the heater core i would at least test the condenser for the air, you will find the heater /air box is not fun to work on .The good thing is the whole dash unbolts and comes out, unlike the earlier years. I haven't bought the pad for my 69 yet but i will probably go with the Ford replacement. Do the speaker while the pad is off the car ,it will be easier.