data logging numbers?

I decided to play with the data logging progam from my special forces tuning software. I like the way it displays everything in real time. But, what is the typical maf voltage for a 03gt? mine spiked to 4volts when i did a blast to 100mph is that norman? how often should i be in and out of closed loop? mine didnt stay in closed loop very long. and what does closed loop mean? also my timing was all over the place at idle, is this normal? thanks.
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Yeah that maf reading is normal. You hit about 4v when you go WOT. Closed loop is only during wide ope throttle. It is when the computer is no longer relying on the o2 sensors for feed back and goes to a stored fuel map instead. If you can send me your read out from recon and I will take a look at it for you.