DC folks going to Carlisle April


15 Year Member
Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD

I'm hoping I can find someone from the DC area who is going to Carlisle this April, who would be willing to do me a favor ...

The rear bumper on my Fairlane needs to be replaced, and Bumper Boyz will be in Carlisle in April. Unfortunately, I cannot go. I'm hoping someone sees this and is willing to take my bumper to Carlisle and trade it in for a new bumper from those guys.

Or even if you are going through the DC area on your way to Carlisle, I can meet you somewhere around DC.

If someone would do that for me, I'll buy him a case of beer of his choice. I'll also call Bumper Boyz to make sure they will have a bumper with my name on it.

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