DD Wrecked... Pics will be included!


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Sep 24, 2006
Michigan insane asylum
well i was having a pritty quite evening at my g/f's house watchen movies. when i hear BOOOOM i mean as loud as an M80 goin off. i go out to look at/see what happend and what do you know? oh its my car. but theres no one out there! at this time im more pist then i have ever Been! im out side in socks no coat its cold and raining, and running down an alley which is mud grass and ponds of water, To find a 2003- 2004 jeep Crashed into a fence that is the womans that lives across the srteet from my g/f. its empty so i continue to run my ass off and to find the soul perpose for my trunk being in my back seat!.. well my g/fs dad pulls up at the corner that i was runing too, and i jump in and we drive back towards the scene of the crime. and i see 3 people walken one whos pants are soaked in water from the ankles to the crotch area, im thinken about it for a second and look down and my pants look like her's.. it was 2 girls and a dude.. so i jump out and run back to my car where a cop was while my g/fs dad fallows them to the stop sign, the double back and walk into a house.. so i get a call from him as im walken up to the cop. and i tell him where there at and they book to his location. Turns out when he knocked on the door, my g.fs dad lied and yelled i seen her running... as soon as she hears that shes in tears and hand the cop the keys to the jeep, tells him she dosent have a license at all, she was drinken a couple hours ago.. AND its her DADs BOSSES JEEP he let them barrow it... so i just got back home from all this im gonna go snap some pics.. tell me what you guys think about this all, and what should i do? my old boss is a lawer and ill be talken to him tomarrow.. but the cop says shes gonna have to pay restitution (SP?) and if so she might have to pay my damages.. this is the 1st time anything like this has happend so i need some opinions from u guys... thank for the help im goin to snap a few pic they will be on here in 10min or less!


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my speakers 12" kenwoods, 1000watt mtx amp, both mine and my g/fs bowling balls where in the trunk me my dad and my buddy lives around the block had to all pull on the trunk untill i had enough room to remove everything.. 30pack of bush light was in the back seat from the mi usc game i bet on..and even tho the car was pushed 12feet the whole 30 was ok too...

the pioneer 12 disk cd changer was bolted to the rear of the trunk, thats trash... and all 12 cd's that where in it are gone!.. thank god it wasnt rstangs Cd..

and im thankful it wasnt the stang... cuz i was tellen my bad with this goo weather i was gonna pull it out... first rainy day we had in a month, so i didnt pull it out! im thankful for the rain today!
I can't tell from the pics ... what did that car USED to be? A Grand Prix? Some other Pontiac of some sort? Looks like a squished blue thing with gray carpet and two twin-outlet mufflers, and my first guess would be a Pontiac, but that's about all I can gather...

Sucks to hear about the loss, but at least you caught the culprit. So many times 'round these parts, I hear about people getting their car trashed when they're not anywhere around, and the jerks responsible for the damage just run off and leave the poor sap to pick up the pieces and foot the bills...
how about be thankful YOU WEREN'T IN IT!! that looks like it took some hit and you could have been hurt pretty bad.. all in all at least it was ur DD and not ur stang. in Jersey we have "no fault insurance" so pretty much if you only had liability on that thing, you'd be SOL cause neither insurance would do squat
Damn dude... +1 on the you werent in the vehicle part... if you were in the hospital, what would i do all day? id be sitting here talking to ragtop about how much our jobs suck, id get depressed and go jump off a bridge!

See, so you are not allowed to get a job... not allowed to get hurt / killed or ill end up dead.. see how that works?