Dead pedals


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Mar 30, 2005
I want a dead pedal for my 2010, one without graphics. I was able to buy one easily for my 2007 but I see conflicting information on those available that either look like or do come on the GT 500. Some say they will work on the 2010, some say they will not. A vendor even told me he was not certain.
The price and description for what appears to be the same part varies widely.
Anyone know for certain?
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Have you found the deadpedal for sale separately? Some of the price variances might be because the ones I've seen come in a kit with covers for the brake and gas pedal, which I don't need since my car already has them.

I believe they'll work on a 2010...that's what mine is and I'm willing to be a guinea pig and try it out if I can find the gt500 dead pedal for sale individually.
Yes. Do a search. The pedal looks the same as the one in the kit but the description says through 2009. I don't need the other pedals as my 2010 came with them.
I e-mailed Blue Oval about the pedal. He says he doesn't know if it will work or not.
Is this the one you mean from Drake?

2005-2009 Mustang Billet Dead Pedal at Blue Oval Industries for your Ford Mustang @ Blue Oval Industries

That's all I could find in a search. It looks great but isn't exactly like the Ford dead pedal. It appears to have the same mounting as these...which say they're for the 2010 though...

2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT or V6 5 Speed Manual Foot Pedals Kit at Blue Oval Industries for your Ford Mustang @ Blue Oval Industries

I might just take my chances and buy the Drake looks nice.
Thanks for that link ...

I'm new to S-197's (have had 1 Fox & 3 SN-95's) and just figured Ford got cheap and designed out the actual "dead pedal" in 2005 by putting a flat spot in the floor. It really bothered me that this flat spot is not covered with the floor mat, so the carpet will basically get trashed because my foot will be resting here year round. Figured I needed to get some Lloyds mats which have a extra tab that covers up the foot rest area, but I'd much rather have this Scott Drake DP that matches the other three billet style pedals.

If this fits a 2005-09, I see no reason why it would not fit a 2010-11, especially when the 4 pc. set fits up to 2010. I quess I'd like to find the one from the 4 pc. set separately though as it matches the pedals I'll aleady have.

I'm probably going to go with the CDC as it was designed to match and looks oem.

I decided not to buy any parts or accessories before I took delivery, but after sitting in "ramp 5P" for two weeks it was FINALLY on a train this morning headed to Chicago ... hopefully it will be here by the end of next week.

ETA was week of 4/26 (3 weeks late), so I'm now getting pretty excited.

I went with the Drake pedal. It's very good quality and seemed to fit fine on my 2010. I was a little nervous about routing the wiring harness that ran right by the attachment bolt behind the kick panel (didn't want to pinch it or get it caught when mounting the dead pedal) but the install seemed to go fine, the pedal is rock solid and feels great, and I think it looks close enough to the stock pedals for my taste.
As you can see from my sig, I finally took dely of my 2011 MCA V6 on 5/22.

Ordered a CDC Dead Pedal last weekend ... it arrived today and I installed it.

Note that 2011 is again slightly different from the CDC pics of 2007-10. Obvious difference is the absense of the Fuel Pump reset switch, so the wiring is routed slightly different. However, the carpet now goes all the way to the side sheet metal and has formed bumps molded into it that the base of the kick panel sits against. In order to "form and tuck carpet around the factory dead pedal platform" as stated in the instructions I had to make a slit in the carpet just in front of the dead pedal bracket.

Also, the wiring harness is not very well wrapped as it passes the dead pedal so you will want to add some protection here (short pc. of wire loom or wrap with heavy friction type electrical tape). Also the back edges of the pedal bracket were somewhat sharp so some sanding and wire-wheeling these edges where it comes in contact the wiring harness is mandatory as well.

I also planed on getting a set of Lloyd Carpeted Floor Mats with the tab of carpet that covers the dead pedal platform. However top of Dead Pedal is tilted as far back as it can go, but needs to tilt back a bit further to be more parallel with the carpet platform so the mat can sneek between the pedal & carpet. Looking at it a bit closer, it would take some serious modding to get pedal to tilt back more so maybe I'll have to resort to shaving the styrofoam platform under the carpet a bit instead.

Took a sawzall to the back corner of my dead pedal's mounting flange to see if this would allow it to tilt back enough to get the carpeted floor mat under it. Modification was a success as I was able to tilt pedal back so it is now is parallel with the carpet and not touching it at the bottom edge.

Will have my Lloyds floor mats next week so I'll let you all know if it slips under the dead pedal or not.


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My Lloyd mats are arriving next week...I'll let you know how it goes with the Drake pedal...

UPDATE: I got the Lloyd "GT" mats (they're fantastic!) and the driver's mat fit under my Drake dead pedal just fine. It was tight and I had to start at the top and pull it down and sideways to fit underneath it, but when finally in place it fits and looks great.
Just installed my Lloyds mats, and the drivers side tab fit under the dead pedal with a little effort. I'll get a pic tomorrow showing it with the dead pedal (need natural light).

Here's a pic comparing the front "pass side" mat ... IMO there is no comparison, Lloyds are far superior !!

Rubber nibbed backing vs. what appears to be heavy "felt".

O/A size is ...
30" vs. 23-3/8" Long
19-1/2" vs. 18" Wide (at widest point)

They sure are BLACK though vs. Dk Charcoal, but I could not find these "Premium Mats" in Dk Charcoal, only Black ... the contrast looks fine in the car.