Debating removing ABS from street car.


Jul 29, 2019
Westport, MA
I've had my 95 for 3 years now, and the ABS has been non functional since I picked up the car. However, I haven't put a lot of miles on it either and it was an item on my to-do list. This summer I plan to daily the car on nice days.

I just bolted in a torque box lower kit, and had to temporarily remove the ABS sensors from the rear. I'd have to reroute or drill through the plate to reinstall. I'm now debating just leaving them out and additionally removing the whole ABS controller. I don't even know if the controller works at this point either, kind of steering me towards deleting it.

Additionally, I want to use the front ABS sensors for megasquirt traction control. I'm thinking I should toss it.
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I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
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Mar 2, 2015
Cars ran for years without ABS....but it does help if the driver is inexperienced in certain situations. I'm not a fan of it myself. Almost crashed because the abs kicked in while braking a chevy van. Increased the stopping distance. One wheel went over a puddle in the street and caused it to kick in....even though the other wheels were on dry pavement.

You can remove it but me mindful that your foot will have to modulate the brakes if you start skidding. That's how I learned how to drive.....pump the brakes in a panic stop if you feel skidding about to occur.


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
Personal call really. ABS systems different between vehicles. I remember the ABS in my 2003 GT with nice sticky tires rarely came on, but it did save my but on some wet leaves one day. Then again, so did the traction control.

No ABS with good tires will likely be fine. All depends on your personal skill level. I myself spend way too much time behind the wheel of a daily driver with exceptional ABS that I learned to rely on. So part of me fears the day I need to panic stop at 60MPH and lock up my wheels because i assume i'll get the same response as my DD.
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