Deep Dish Rims


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Sep 25, 2006

I am looking for 17 inch Deep dish rims. I am not too crazy about the
Bullit style ones that are out there . I would prefer rims I can put 275 tires on not 315 any tips or suggestions.

Any tips or suggestions

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So, fake deep dish rims? Deep dish rims are deep dish for a reason; so you can run a wider tire without tubbing. You want an 8 to 9" wide rim with the wrong backspacing, but big dish. That will give you the look, and the tire size you want. I just don't know of anyone who makes wheels like that.
I am looking for the DD look that's all, I know they make them in the Bullit style and I was wondering if they are available in other designs that's all :D

as I have a feeling that I will be going through tries quicker than before and
the theory is the quality 275s tires are cheaper to replace than the quality 315's
Especailly if you want a 17" wheel. There are alot of awesome looking 18s that have lips that are 9.5 wide that would be perfect for a 275/285 size tire.

I like the ruff racing 278 wheels available on ebay. They are like 750 for a set of 4 shipped 18 X 8.5 and 18 X 9.5 in back.

Here is a black set, the seller has chrome and anthricite too
Found these in a 17x9 thoughts?

I may endup going the Standard FR500 stagerd setup looked more into the 315 tire only $20 more per tire BFG

YES it will fit. NO you should not do it. If you tun a 275 tire on a 10.5 wheel, your wheel is gonna get F'ed up quick.


First day i got my new wheels i put 285's on back tires, went through a car wash and
gcshhhhh!! curb rashed the **** out of my driver side front and back wheels because i didnt have the correct size tires to protect the wheels