DFW Area Engine Builder Recomendations?

My Car is starting to smoke out of both tail pipes. Need recommendations for a good shop/engine builder to rebuild my 302. The car has Brodix ST 5.0 R heads with 55cc chambers and 1.94/1.60 valves, Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rockers in 1.6 ratio, Anderson N-41 Cam 222/230 @ .050 with 512 lift, Edelbrock RPM Airgap Intake and a Brawler 600 CFM Vaccuum Secondary Carb. I would be open to doing a stroker kit along with the rebuild as long as the costs don’t go through the roof. Will do a compression check tomorrow and report back. I am thinking the rings are prob shot but not sure. The heads have only been on the car a few thousand miles so I am hoping they are ok.
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