Roush Diablo Question


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May 11, 2005
When I had my 373 gears installed my shop also installed a Diablo "Rev Chip Module" part # F7072. This was added to correct the speedo. Can I further tune with this or is it simply for the speedo correction? Upon install I was under the impression that this would aid in tuning for future mods.....this so?

Soon I will be adding an upgraded fuel pump, mass air meter, 42 lb injectors,TR6 plugs, and 75mm throttle body so I'll need a tune (also after the CAI, and X pipe).

Any other suggestions?

What kind of HP can I expect from these add ons (plus below in sig)?

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I would have just gotten the Predator. It would have allowed you to calibrate the rear gearing and a bunch of other items as well. As for the future mods, the TB is the only thing that's really going to give you anything and that's only about 15hp max. Big numbers on a TB install are really only found on high h.p. motors. The rest of your future mods are only "supporting" mods.