Did 93 Cobra Tails Have Black Or Charcoal Pinstripes


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Jul 18, 2002
Big Stone Gap, VA
Wanting to buy some Cobra tails for my car and was curious if the Cobras had the Black or Charcoal pinstripes?

The SVO had one and the Cobra had the other correct?
Are the lenses hard to install on the housings? I was going to buy the lens and install kit from latemodelrestoration and install the lenses on the housings I have now.


Also, does anyone know if the pinstripping on the lenses from LMRS has the correct ending on it? Where the one or two lines end before the others?
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Dec 20, 1998
I took my lenses and housings apart this winter to clean the insides. they are not hard to separate just take your time. the hardest part is cleaning the old butyl tape out from around the clips and when you get everything cleaned and ready to reassemble take a flathead and pry the prong on the clip up just a bit so that it can get a bite on the lens. while its all apart might as well change the bulbs too. what are you going to do with your lenses you have now? wouldn't be black gt's would they?


Oct 28, 2004
Yes, the ones from LMR have the correct ending for the pin stripe. I bought mine a few years back when they first started to sell the reproductions. They look very good and have held up very well. The only thing I have noticed is that the pin stripe, because it is a sticker and not painted, shrunk a little over the years so the ending spot has moved a bit.