dies at idle

Finally a 5.0

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Apr 4, 2005
my car just dies randomly. i saw the other post but didnt sound like we had the same problems. i havent messed with the iac yet b/c i dont know where it is, but i am also thinking it might have something to do with the air temp sensor. what do you guys think. it does it quite a bit when i first start it up and let it idle for a second, and if i am driving at 2500rpms and put it in neutral or push the clutch in to slow down, it'll drop to about 500rpms and stutter then if i dont give it some gas it will die.
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vac leak generally causes a high idle (or hanging idle).

any codes? If the EGR is functioning [improperly] at idle, that can cause a low idle or stalling (it should only work at cruise).

IAC clean?

good luck.
Assuming you have a 94-95 (I missed year of your car), if you stand on the pass side of the car and look at the back of the lower intake, you will see a vac hose coming from the drivers side and turn down into the valve. I like to replace the valve, grommet and screen under the grommet all at once, and I only use Motorcraft (aftermarket stuff sometimes does not fit tightly, which can lead to a vac leak).

good luck.
yup pcv is right at the middle of your lower intake in the very back, you will see a decent sized hose, pull on it, it will come out fairly easy, pull out the PCV which is jammed in the end of that hose, put in new one and put back in hole.