Diffrence between polyurethane and urethane?


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Jun 24, 2004
Frankfort, Ky
I got my new mustangs and fords mag and they had some suspension ideas in it. It said rubber was soft, then you had polyurethane that has SOME give and then urethane which is stiff?

I got to looking in my NPD catalog and they have 2 diffrent kits, one for poly and the other is prothane's urethane kit.
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Polygraphite is a trademarked buzz word that PST made up and patented. There are other brands with graphite impregated urethane. You still have to grease it upon initial installation.

Prothane "black" does have graphite impregnated urethane. The "red" line does not have graphite. You must specify upon ordering.

Poly means plastic. So rustang, you are correct on the initial part of your statement. However in the industry it is generally referred to as the one with the graphite, but not always. So ask!