35th Anniv DMV?


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Mar 8, 2009
Does anyone have their 35th with a "classic style" registration? I've talked to a couple of people and they said since my car is a limited production vehicle, I can register it as a classic and be limited to mileage. Which doesn't bother me but I would be exempt from inspection either. I'm going to the DMV tomorrow anyways but I figured I'd ask fellow 35th owners first before my local DMV lady. Any answers to this question would be awesome!:nice:
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I know for a fact in Ohio you can. You can qualify either with the age of your vehicle (I believe it's 20 or 25 years+) or with the type of vehicle (limited production, etc.). Being that the 35th LE's were limited to less than 5,000 vehicles qualifies them in Ohio. I don't know about the laws of other states.
So, of course I got to the DMV in time today, but I have to call Trenton and they were closed by the time to the women told me. Hopefully tomorrow I will have an answer for myself and everyone else.
I have the answer! I can register the car as a "collector vehicle" in the state of New Jersey. Basically the paper work says that the car can be driven no more than 3,000 miles a year or 6,000 miles bi annually. Also that the car has to be insured as a collector vehicle as well. The NJMVC says some vehicles may be required to have a odometer lock (which I assume is for non-digital odometers). Then a special decal will be issued and indicates that the car is exempt from safety and emissions. Last thing is that the "collector vehicle" must be taken to a state inspection for a odometer and insurance verification.
There's more obviously but that is it in a nutshell. My only thing is I hate being restricted all though I'm well aware of it.
Yes, of course that's up to insurance only but still. I wonder if it's really worth it...
Also right now were getting blasted with snow and it's up to the bottom of the windows on the poor girl!