do any of you guys paintball

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yes but havent gone in a while, it's cool but it all depends to teh arena you go to cause that where we go i wish i can go out to the woods an go all out. Some limit you to the pressure you can use on the gun, wether its a full automatic and other stuff like that
I do, its been awhile. I was one of the first to have a Tippman A-5 and ontop of that with a flatline. I could shoot a mile with it but the balls moved so damn slow. You could almost hit the ball out of the air it moved so slow.
i used to play pretty hardcore, but that was a long time ago. we only entered one tournament, and got 2nd place. we became friends woth several of the local paintball field owners, and were even staff at some of them for a while.

i played in one huge scenario game. APG (action pursuit games magazine) came out and did a story about it. it was called drug war in the heartland. i have 2 pics in that issue. the first is the main story page, a 2 page photo. the second was a smaller pic in the article.

my dad has continued to play, and went to oklahoma last year to play in a huge scenario game. thousand of players involved in that one.