Do I have an exhaust leak?


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Apr 25, 2005
So I took my car to for on Friday for them to replace the stock h pipe because one of the cats was starting to make noise. The replaced the whole pipe under warranty. When I picked it up I noticed immediately leaving the dealer that you could hear something while accelerating under a load. It's a tough sound to describe other then it sounds like some old piece of crap work van.

I brought it back and the tech re-tightened everything and said I was good. Later that night while driving I noticed that whenever I sat at a stop light for 30 seconds or more the inside of the car would stink like exhaust ( it was exhaust fumes, not just the smell of the new pipe and cats). So I take it back to ford this morning and the tech did some sort of a smoke test and couldn't find any leaks. He told me that the gaskets need a week to set and that was causing the smell and that he couldn't hear the noise.

Does this sound like it's the seal where the h pipe connects to the manifolds? What would an exhaust leak sound like? Without a load it sounds fine, it's just when in gear you can almost hear the engine "chug".

Thanks in advance for any input. I'd rather have the rattling cat than the exhaust smell
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May 8, 2004
Moorpark, CA
i think its the smell of the final coat on the pipes burning off, from what i have heard.

If you had an exhaust leak you would know, it sounds like soem harsh ticking coming from under the car.

Smoke test... lawl seafoam ftw.