Do I need new gaskets for my BBK Long Tubes


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Nov 7, 2001
Dayton, OH
Well today I'm getting my BBK Long Tubes and shorty X-pipe. Do I need to get new gaskets or just re-use the ones I have????

I'm running 14* on my T/A right now? should I bump that until i get a tune?

I've heard a bad story about running too rich after long tube install.

Next up 4.30's... anybody need 3.73's or a Borla off-road H-Pipe??
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StangLou said:
Actually our cars came with GREAT gaskets already from the stock manifolds. I just reused my originals, no leaks to speak of :D

I think they started using those nice gaskets in 2003. My OEM gaskets were the thin metal kind. I used the BBK supplied gaskets. I smeared RTV on there first, and haven't had any leaks.
Yea i got my L/T's from BBK(which are a pretty good set btw) and i put the BBK gasket that came with it, and oh man i got leaks for days...I got some Percy's dead soft aluminum gaskets for 40 buck on jegs and im putting them on this weekend.
Joe347R6 said:
Also, how much did you guys pay for your long tubes and pipes. I just want to know if I got a good deal or not. I paid $648 for lts and off road x including taxes.

that's a phenominal deal. I paid 650 for my X pipe (race pipes and cats, and mil elimintaors). Then 900 and change for the ceramic coated headers. I went with everything SLP, though.