Do we have one temp sending unit or TWO? One for gauge and one for fan operation?


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Jun 10, 2005
#1 I tested my fan and it runs fine.
#2 Replaced the CCRM with a working unit, that wasn't the problem..
#3 Checked the 60AMP fuse, it is fine.
#4 Pulled the chip when car was fan still...

So now I am looking for the sending unit. If we only have ONE can the temp gauge work but not the sending part of it?:shrug:
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We have TWO sensors. I'm not sure why. The computer sees both of them and I don't know which one controls the fan if not both. BUT when the ECT sensor on the heater pipe near the t-stat went bad, the fan didn't turn on properly. I replaced it with the Ford one and all is well.
To clarify for when you go to look up parts, we actually have a temp sensor and temp sender. The sensor is the ECT, and the sender is the for the temp gauge only.

The sensor (ECT) is what you need to address. It's a thermistor and you can ohm it out at various temps to see what its problem is.

A new one is relatively cheap and it is plug and play. I would dope the threads upon installation.

For the time being, you can do a manual switch if you desire. They are great (for such a situation as this) even if you dont regularily use it.

Good luck.
The temp sender for the guage is just for the guage. The eec does not "see" it.

The ECT sensor (Engine Coolant Temp.) is on the heater cross over pipe. it is pointing straight-ish out, unplug it and remove it, have the new one already and already with tef. tape or pipe dope to swap on QUICKLY if you dont want to loose much coolant.

FWIW-the guage sender has one wire coming off of it plus it has like a little push/pull connector like thing that does not screw/clip onto it, while the ECT sensor has like 2+ wires going to that plug-in plus this plug is like a weather pac, or has a solid clip type connector.
IIRC the ect1 and 2 fan settings are basicly the two fan speeds settings...I am preaty sure it is not meaning that it uses 2 diff. ect sensors.

My temp guage wire was un-hooked all last year, no problem logging the temps, or no problems with the fans.