does anyone have access to service manual?


start with the upper hole, and if more traction is
May 1, 2005
7200 feet
i took my 05 gt to the dealership for the gas tank tsb. they said it would be a half day thing. the tsb says 1.9 hours. i dropped it off at 7 a.m. and told them i would like to pick it up at lunch time, i was going out of town. at one oclock (6 hours later) i called to check up on it. they told me the tech has never done a gas tank on an 05, so he would not give an exact time when he would be done. they said that he has to remove the drive shaft and the exhaust to remove the tank. he was removing the drive shaft as i called. they told me it would be several hours before it would be done. if it pays 1.9 hours to replace the tank, is it necessary to remove the extras? i am a body tech and realize that sometimes things take longer than they pay, but this sounds excessive. what does the service manual say? the service manager said 1/2 day to do it.
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here is the deal i helped replace mine ( my friend is the head mech at my dealership)
1. remove bolts from rear end side of drive shaft ( let hang)5 min max
2. losen clamps on exhaust pipes at cats and muffler 5 min max
remove mufflers (3) brackets on v6 (2) on v8 each side 10 min max
3. unhook filler tube (hose clamp) and vent lines 5 min max
4. un plug wire harness 5 min max
5. (2) bolts drop tank ( this is the only step that needs 2 people) 5 min max
35 min so far
once tank is on the ground you need to remove the 2 senders one has pump, 2 wire harnesses and the bottom tank protector. the only thing the new tank comes with is the gaskets for the senders. this takes abouot 15 min add 10 min for soda sig and pee break. so now were at an hour. reverse prosess. add 15 min for fill and road test hour 50 max!
we did mine in about 1.5 hours

tell the dealer to get better help

see ya Tom
Is there any way to tell on the outside of the tank if it's the new or old version? My car was built 4/2/05 and I've had problems a couple times filling it up, but it seems hit or miss as sometimes it will fill all the way with no problems.

the f***ing dealer now has been working on my tank for a day and a half. i stopped in to look at it yesterday. the had the ehaust off from the h pipe back. why they took off the mufflers i have no idea. they removed the entire driveshaft instead of just the rear half. they had the new tank in last night. at noon i called them to see WTF is up. i get a call back at about 12:45 saying that there is a cover for the tank that was glued on from the factory that they thought would just peel off, and put it on the new one. turns out IT DOES NOT!!!!so now they have to order one......BY THE WAY IT IS FRIDAY---MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. wont get the part till next week im sure. my wife went out of town to see her family yesterday. we were told that it would be done by lunch. at lunch i called to check up on it. they said it would definatley be done that day, just didnt know an exact time. 4:00 rolls around and i stop in. wont be done tonight they say. so they offer me a rental. go to enterprise and start the paperwork..they say are you the only driver? i said that i was not even going on the they wont let my wife drive, because she is not 21......go back to the dealer to get a barrowed car aggreement (same as a rental, but costs them nothing) they said they couldnt do it, i put the pressure on them real nice and polite, but firm. they get the general manager involved. he says NO WAY IS OUR CAR LEAVING THE STATE. so we go home empty handed and an extremely pissed off wife. she was supposed to be on the road at 1:00, and it is now 6:30. she takes our other car that has in-transits on it that will expire while she is gone, and i walk to work. thought it would be ok to walk to work for a half day. COME ON, GET A CLUE, A F***ING GAS TANK SHOULD NOT TAKE A WEEK!!!! ON TOP OF IT ALL, I AM AN EMPLOYEE OF THE COMPANY (not at the ford store though) I HAVE BOUGHT THREE CARS FROM THIS FORD DEALERSHIP----IN 2005!!!!! they need better help, this is out of control. so much for having BLUE OVAL CERTIFICATION, must mean they hired high school students for mechanics!!!!! the tech is getting paid for 1.9 hours and it takes 1.9 waiting for shipping. i will never take my car anywhere to be serviced anywhere near a holiday weekend again. lesson learned. i think that i will be looking for another ford dealership next time as well...... :notnice: :notnice:


sorry about the CAPS, but i am extremely upset. they offered a rental, its the least they could do........... :notnice: :notnice: two thumbs down :bang: :bang:
bigcat did you get the pfd's ? aol kept crashing as i was sending them to you.

i would have them put the tank back in until all the parts are there. what if they are delayed even longer? fft.
were are you located my tank cover is at my dealership . i was going to put it on next week. but maybe they could transfer it to you and ill get another one? when i posted a while back i mentioned that guys should let the dealer know about the protector. when we replaced mine we craked it not that bad so we installed it nayway and ordewred a new one it just showed up. so anyway the cover will come off its just tuff. thel those idiots to pry it off and give you your darn car. email me direct if i can help i will try. i can wait for another cover.
i am in omaha, there a difference between the 4.0 and 4.6 tanks? the tsb gives different times for them....dont know if the cover is the same or not. i thought about them puting my old tank back in, but i was so upset that they didnt have it done, i forgot till they were closed. (they called at like 5 pm) and i cant get my rental till saturday, they called enterprise and enterprise called me at 6 pm....thats what time they its friday night, no car, and ill have to walk to work again. ill try to call the service dept. at the dealership in the morning and see what they have to say about putting my old tank back in or just giving me the car without the shield, i have not seen the shield, so i dont know how necessary it is.
yeah, i did get those pdfs. also, i guess that i should make sure to read the entire post of things that i feel are relevant to my car, i could have saved the hassle of the shield, as afixer pointed out.
if you look at the pic i posted you will notice that since the tank is a saddle tank they need to drop the drive shaft and the exhaust tubes that go under it. on my v6 we only had to drop one pipe but on the v8 they need to drop the other that is why there is more time alloted. my frind also looked up in the book and the times are the same for tsb work as for reg work if they were to do it non tsb. they have to pull the mufflers/s to get the pipes out thats why they were out. it is just a shame you are having this bad luck. you dealer is really not taking care of you i dont understand what they are doing we did this in well under th time alotted. the only glitch was the tank cover it was a pain to pry off but we did it crack or not the new tank went back in. remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease. dont be a jerk but be firm. THIS IS A BASIC JOB! im going to my dealer this morning to do the breaks on my windstar ill ask my bud if they have heard of any probs. good luck
I'm here to empathize with you:(:).
I bought my car off a lot on 5/8/05.Took it home and
brought it back about an hour later.Haven't seen it since.
Latest problem is electrical.Replacing PCM module didn't
solve it.Seems all the lights come on when you start it up.
Maybe we should start our own club:(:).
Hope you get your car back soon!
what does the tank cover look like? i stopped in tonight and went into the shop and looked at the car. i dont see a cover anywhere. the old tank is sitting under the car, and the new one is set up in place, not sure what is actually holding it up.... there is not a cover on the old tank, or the new one. if someone has a pic of it, maybe i will know what the heck is going on. i finally got my rental today, and it smells like sh**. all they had left....they said i would have to wait till tuesday when the get some cars back. cant wait till then. i also called my service advisor, he was not in today, so i asked to talk to the manager......waited on hold for about 5 mins, then the receptionist asked me to leave a message, which i did. about 2 hours later, i called again, seems that the service manager decided to leave before he called me back. ill have a few more words for him on tuesday when he is back in again as well.
there was nothing like that cover in sight when i looked at it. i will ask on tuesday when a service employee is there. when i went in last time, i talked to my buddy (salesman) and he let me go back there.
i finally got the stang back today....i told them to put the old tank back in....they called and said i was done. i pulled into the parking lot and i see two wiring connectors hanging down..knew that they had to be for the cats. i walked in and asked if they wanted to bring the car back in before i talked or after. they grabbed the tech that worked on it and asked him if he forgot to plug in the cats, he said "yeah, now that you mention it, i bet i did." so he pulled it in and plugged them in...not that big of deal. i also told them about the fuel level sending unit problem some are experiencing. they said that they got the cover off the old one, but it was cracked and the new one was still on order. so i drive off and get a few blocks down the road. i was listening for loose things, exhaust leaks, rattles, etc. i looked at the fuel gauge and it only said 1/2. called them and they said to bring it in, well fill it up. i went back and got the voucher for the fill. get to the gas station and start to fill up. 2 gal. and it shuts off....turn the key forward, and its still about half. force $8 worth into it and called it good enough. (about 4 gal.) go back and tell them about the problem. they introduced me to the guy that will be handling my problems from now on, and i could tell he wasnt glad i am going to be his customer. i had been there about 20 times in the last month. so i am driving it with a screwy fuel gauge, better fill it up every few days, and i am still waiting for the front end parts, tank cover, and what everelse may come up in the mean time. hope this is all over soon. i didnt really need any of this work done now, but decided to get ti done anyway. hope that if i have any other problems with the car, i can fix it myself. oh yeah, i got home and got under the car to feel for exhaust leaks, and noticed that my flowmaster on the left side is about 1/16" away from the bumper cover....sweet guess ill be fixin that later tonight when the mufflers cool.....