Does FOX catback fit?

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I tried a 87-93 mac catback on my car. the hangers were too short at the muffler, so it pulled the pipe up into the floorpan of the trunk and leaked a little at the collector. im sure if i would have lowered it it would have cleared fine and sealed up. it also seemed like the hoop was in a little different place, so i dont know if it would hit the axle or not, but it will fit with some tweaking.
my flowmaster catback (dumps) from my old 88 GT fit on my 95 GT

i replaced the rubber hangers with new ones- much easier to cut the old one's off and put fresh ones in there

they fit right it, no trouble

i dont think the tails fit, but as far as the mufflers, and the stock H-pipe connectors (inlets) and stock hangers- they fit