Does my 04 Vert look ricey?

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Well, I read that the stickers on the side would be Ricey, but I liked the look of the horse on the side, and its really funny that a lot of people dont know its a horse. Everyone stops me to talk about my car! It gets a lot of attention
No it's not rice.. your windows don't have a thousand decals, you don't have neon underneath, and you don't have flashing hood lights. I have seen the side decals before, and I have seen the grill inserts, on yours it looks well done. I have gotten some "rice" heat just for having clear front turn signal markers! The real question is, do YOU like the way your car looks? The point of having a Mustang is to have fun, and part of that is modifying it the way you want. Just don't drive around with primered bumpers and a coffee can tailpipe!
Oh yeah, I love my car. I'm 17 and I got it because I got a $40,000 dollar scholarship for college. I am almost done with the exterior mods, all I want now is just fog lights and maybe the Mach 1 Chin Spoiler and to get it lowered. It definently is a fun car to drive. In the future I wouldnt mind getting a GT!
I have 7500 a year so far. still workin on fillin out scholarship applications though so we will see how much more college will cost me.

My brother got 12000 from the school alone for a 16000 dollar school. The good part is he got enough scholarships he actually gets 500 back each year.
I wish I could get money back haha. I recently applied for a 60,000 dollar scholarship. If i got that, i would have way over what i need for cost. I would use it for gas money "to and from" college haha